Does a Thick Penis Make a Vagina Looser?

A pejorative that some people call women who they think are promiscuous, is loose. The idea behind that is a vagina that is stretched over and over from intercourse would show sign of use. What is never considered is a married woman who has regular sex rarely gets called loose. What these men (and some women) fail to realize is the vagina and pelvic floor are designed to expand. The muscles can stretch and there are folds in the vagina (called rugae) that unfold and allow for stretching that happens during intercourse and childbirth.

Vaginal Tightness

Just as there are varying sizes of penile length and girth, there are also varying sizes of vaginal length and diameters. The vagina is considered a potential space – meaning that when it is not aroused, the vaginal walls are typically touching. When aroused, the vagina fills with more blood, the rugae relax, and the vagina secretes arousal fluid; allowing for a comfortable expansion that accompanies intercourse. Even though the vagina can expand, there are limits to what is comfortable. What typically causes issue for the vagina being overly stretched is not the vagina itself, but the pelvic floor that surrounds it. To illustrate an analogy:

Imagine a hand towel stuffed inside a thick sock squeezed by two hands. The sock is the vagina. The towel is the folded muscle tissue of the vaginal wall. And the hands are the pelvic floor muscles that surround the vagina.

The Rare Truth About “Tight” and “Loose” Women

The hands in that analogy are what is keeping the vagina tight, and if those hands grow weak, they do not squeeze as hard. The result of that is less resistance when attempting to stretch – which makes the vagina feel looser.

Vaginal Looseness

Vaginal looseness (or medically – vaginal laxity) can happen during childbirth. There can be tearing of the vaginal skin and vaginal opening, but those typically heal on their own, or in extreme cases, may require surgery. But some couples have reported that there is a loss of sensation during sex after childbirth. The perineal lacerations (tears during childbirth) may have healed, but there is still an issue even months after giving birth. That loss of sensation is due to the pelvic floor muscles. A baby’s head averages 13 inches in circumference. The vagina (and pelvic floor) is amazing thing, and many times even after expanding large enough to pass through what no penis girth could ever match, can return to the near identical tightness it was prior to childbirth. The determining factors of vaginal tightness after childbirth have to do with the vagina size, baby size, genetics, previous childbirths, and even kegel exercises.

What about a Thick Penis?

The thickest penis in the world is not 13 inches in circumference – not even close. However, there are some that can get up to over 7″ in circumference. A penis of 7″ inch circumference is extremely rare, but does exist, and a question may be will a vagina that has expanded enough to have intercourse with 6″ or 7″ around penis shown sign of use?. Well, what do the experts say?:

Dr. Sherry A. Ross, MD, ob-gyn at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Southern California and author of She-ology, says a well-endowed partner can also make things looser—but only at the vaginal opening, not throughout the vagina itself. But even that loosening isn’t all that substantial or noticeable. “Your vagina accommodates a penis fairly well,” says Dr. Ross. “I mean to really stretch out the vagina, you need a baby coming through it.”

Can Having a Lot of Sex Give You a Loose Vagina? We Asked Ob-Gyns

Relax! The female body is designed to adjust to be elastic and expand to accommodate everything from a large penis to childbirth, says Streicher. “Even the largest penis in the world won’t compare to the size of the baby, so it won’t affect the size of the vagina.”

Reddit Asked: Can Sex Affect the Size of Your Vagina?

See my mechanistic explanation in the following blog I wrote: thrusting into petite x many hours cumulatively = some degree of stretching and loss of tone

Email correspondence I had with Dr. Andrew Siegel

So three different doctors were asked. One stated just the vaginal opening can be loosened, another states no loosening at all, and the last states the vagina will be loosened if the vagina is very small and the penis very thick. So who is correct?

Did Your Ex Ruin It?

As mentioned in the first paragraph of this post, calling a woman loose is usually perceived as an insult. We can completely dismiss a promiscuous woman feeling looser because she has had a very active sex life. But how about if one of her partners had a very thick penis? What if what was once painful, now feels good? The vagina is now accommodating the larger partner, but what if that relationship ends? Will going to back to an average sized penis not feel as good – for him or for her?

How can all three experts say different things, but they all be right? Let’s examine:

  • Dr. Sherry Ross stated that the vaginal opening can be loosened, but to the point that is not even noticeable, so that point is really moot.
  • Dr. Lauren Streicher stated that it will not be loosened. What Dr. Streicher didn’t really mention is the average vagina will not be loosened. The average vagina can stretch enough to accommodate a very thick penis. When sweeping medical advice is given, it might be excluding outliers.
  • Dr. Andrew Siegel goes into a little more detail. When asked about it, he said that a thick penis can stretch a vagina, but that it would have to be the extremes.

What is missing is an important question. Is it permanent? The answer is no. If a woman has had slight stretching from regular sex with a very thick penis, and she is no longer accommodating a large object; her vagina will tighten back up. Dr. Siegel is a big proponent of kegel exerises for women post childbirth, so even if she has damage to her pelvic floor from a 13″ around baby head, it can be treated. However, no penis is large enough to match that kind of damage done to the pelvic floor.

Does a Thick Penis Make a Vagina Looser?

So, does a thick penis make a vagina looser? Yes. The vagina is designed to be accommodating. Is the loosening permanent? No. So if you ever read or hear some story about loose women, don’t believe it. The loosening isn’t permanent and for most people, not even noticeable. I will close this post with a quote from Dr. Sherry Ross:

What about all the jokes guys make about having sex with a woman who is loose down below? Don’t believe them—it’s unlikely that a man can really notice the difference. “I think guys can tell when a woman is a virgin, and they can probably tell if someone’s had two babies or have had a vaginal birth,” says Dr. Ross. “But I don’t think they’re really going to notice much of a difference . . . unless a guy has a really small penis.”

Can Having a Lot of Sex Give You a Loose Vagina? We Asked Ob-Gyns

Mainstream Media is Always Trustworthy?

Most of the American population gets their information about current events from a news publication – whether is it online, TV, or any other medium that is available. The vast majority of Americans believe the information from these sources. The big question is: should you trust what information you are getting?

Mostly Reliable

The information you get from mainstream media is mostly accurate. No source is going to be completely free from inaccuracy, so it shouldn’t be blamed for being produced by faulty human beings. Publications have to present mostly accurate information – especially that can be easily checked, or they will be called on it. Although the mainstream media’s reporting is mostly accurate, the facts have to be presented in a story or narrative.


News publication is a business. It is typically profit-based. Just a telling of the facts can be boring. They have to tell stories that people will want to read/listen/watch. Part of presenting a story is presenting the facts, the other is putting those facts into a narrative. The narrative entails fitting those facts into a story. There also might be an omission of facts. Not presenting some facts is not misinformation, but if information changes your narrative, you might leave that information out:

Even the most conscientiously crafted news story can leave out information that might have changed your opinion.

Finding the facts that online news leaves out; New Scientist

Why would someone leave out information? Well, we all have biases – even journalists. In America’s political world, very few stories are neutral – as very few journalists are neutral politically.

There is also sensationalism. As mentioned before, news publication is a business, and you need stories that people are going to want to read/listen/watch. Sometimes, the facts themselves are not interesting enough:

Nowadays, with the high competition for readers’ attention online, this is the world where we still live. The shift is nearly complete from physical newspapers to online-only sources, and with that comes the need to drive viewers to sites. The result is image-heavy content, or short video clips, or bold, outlandish headlines that the reader cannot resist clicking. Or, even, article after article of plain fake news.

The quality of reporting, and pure writing, is no longer a priority. After all, who is going to read the words if no one visits the site?

Why Yellow Journalism Today is Rampant in the 21st Century; ED A. MURRAY

Presenting just the facts in and of itself will not generate patrons. Why? Because there are other publications who are vying for your attention. This is demonstrated in how some journalists reports on scientific research. The scientific study might be boring to most Americans, so you have to make it interesting – which is not just simplifying or summarizing the results.


How do we make something interesting? Well, in American culture, we do so by appealing to trends. I don’t want to degrade the Black Lives Matter or Me Too movements in stating this, but they are trends. Celebrities are also trends. There are some celebrities who would previously have been top stories, but now, very few seem to care or even or barely remember. A news story will get a larger audience if the subject matter is about a current trend than a random topic.

Bad News

It’s a horrible truth, but negativity gets more attention than positivity. So if negativity and trends are what drive an audience, then what do you think the news is going to publish? Police brutality, rape accusations, celebrity meltdowns; are all topics that will drive an audience. A police officer saving a life, the life of a happy couple, or a celebrity’s success are not nearly as popular news topics. It is important to report on brutality and accusations, but if you’re appealing to an audience, your narrative will dictate how you tell the story. Those who watch FOX News are getting a different narrative than those who watch MSNBC. They are not just reporting facts. They are reporting on topics you care about and telling them in the way you want to understand them.

Bottom Line

Can you trust mainstream media? Maybe. But realize you are not just getting some facts, but a story.

Jealousy is Wrong?

What is wrong with jealousy? In American culture, it has a negative connotation, but why?


In our culture, people are motivated for success. One of the biggest markers of success is capital. The United States’ economic system is CAPITALism. Capitalism is a system designed for private owners to generate a profit. To generate a personal profit is a need in our society, but ambitions and desires are drivers for an even greater amount of wealth – which is synonymous with economic success.

Financial rewards are not the only drive for personal success. There are also awards. There are many awards that honor individuals for their success in any field of labor. In many cases, the awards will have YOUR name on it and will have a ceremony to honor YOU in front of a convocation.


Think of the economy as a pie. If we had a community of four people, and wanted to divide everything equally, we would cut the pie twice, leaving four equal pieces. However, if one person worked harder, many people would agree that individual should receive more pie. However, what if they didn’t work harder? What if they were just better equipped for the job?

To illustrate a point, I am going to focus on attraction. There are people who are better looking, funnier, richer, etc. In many cases, it has nothing to do with how hard they worked. They could be born with great looks, or into a rich family. We all desire a mate, and want to be desired by a mate. If we lose the affection of that mate to someone else – who happened to be born with their features – we can feel rejected. To be resentful of someone who took away a strong desire of yours – without any effort – seems justified.

Jealousy is Reasonable

A definition of Jealous is hostile toward a rival or one believed to enjoy an advantage. If that advantage is taking away from something you desired, and is seen as unfair, then jealousy seems like a reasonable result. Why are we not allowed to be hostile toward a rival – that we feel was given an unfair advantage – enjoying their gift. They do not feel bad for us or feel the need to share. Why are we required to be accepting or not have any negative feelings for having an unfulfilled desire?

Larger Penis = Better Sex?

First things first: sexual pleasure is subjective. In the field of sexology, the researchers in that field typically have a degree in psychology, not medicine or physiology. The reason for that is the most research needed in that field is in regard to the psychology of sex, not the physiology of sex. Arousal, pleasure, and orgasm are not so mechanical – especially with women. To rephrase, you can do the same exact thing physically in two different sexual events – the first time might be an amazing sexual experience and the second time it won’t.

Men vs. Women

In the field of sex therapy, much of the treatment into men is in regard to dysfunction. Issues like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation are common reasons to seek treatment. The treatment for women is typically arousal and sexual satisfaction – and can be much broader topics. With men, the causes are pretty simple. For women, trying to work through the issue can be difficult because female arousal, pleasure, and orgasm is more complex than with men. There aren’t as many discussions with what works for men, compared to what works for women – such as the types of orgasms a woman can have.

Bigger Penis = Bigger Problem

Does penis size, matter? Yes, it does. Most people understand that you can be too small, but not as many know that you can be too big. Dr. Andrew Siegel listed size discrepancy as one of the causes for painful sex:

Size discrepancy with partner – The vagina is an incredibly accommodating organ capable of tremendous stretch and expansion—think vaginal delivery of a 10-lb. baby—so this is relatively rare, but the combo of a woman with petite anatomy coupled with an outsized male can be a formula for pain. A lengthy penis can strike the cervix or vaginal fornix and a penis with formidable girth may prove excessive for a narrow vagina, resulting in “collision dyspareunia.”

Our Greatest Wealth is Health; When Sex Hurts

So a large penis can be an issue for many women. Some men might think being too big is still a badge of honor, but it can also be a reason your spouse seeks sex, elsewhere. Men with larger penises need to make sure that more time is dedicated to arousal, and maybe have some lube on hand. Otherwise, it may not be the good experience you both were hoping for.

Does a Bigger Penis Feel Better?

So, if the penis is not too long or thick, does it feel better? It certainly can be an advantage, but it’s important to note that if a woman has had several male partners, it isn’t always going to be true that the largest man was her favorite in bed. It is true that some women do desire a larger penis, in the sense they do like having what is described a a filled up feeling, but the vast majority of women do enjoy an averaged size penis. It really comes down to friction and pressure. The average or slightly above average penis is plenty to provide adequate stimulation for almost any partner, and as mentioned earlier, sex for most women is not so mechanical. No matter what the penis size, you can be considered a bad sexual partner.

The Bottom Line

Does penis size matter? Yes. Does a larger penis equal better sex? No. In fact the perfect penis chosen by a study asking women is well within the average to slightly above average range.

Casual Sex: Most Women Want It Too?

In our modern culture, it seems progress towards gender equality is being on the right side of history. Well guess what, I agree with them. I think women should be paid as much, and the lines between gender roles has been blurring more and more – as more activities and jobs have become mixed-sex. However, as much as we are blurring the lines in many respects towards gender roles, there still seem to be some differences between men and women.


Fuckboy is a term you might hear or read a woman use to describe a guy who had sex with her, but doesn’t really want anything more than that. It has a negative connotation – in the sense that the woman is wanting the relationship to progress, but the guy is only interested in fulfilling his own lust. If guys and girls are similar in attitudes toward sex, I am wondering where all the fuckgirls are at. Well, there are none that I know of. Why? Well, that’s because guys have their own negative connotation – high maintenance. eHarmony’s blog describes high maintenance pretty well:

She makes hoop-jumping seem like a normal part of dating, is constantly making their partners prove their worthiness either through displays of affection, commitment or status – which she may or may not reciprocate.

eHarmony Blog; Do High Maintenance Women Snag Better Mates?

That blog article may make it seem it’s a good thing, but to many men, it isn’t. You might be thinking a high maintenance woman is a woman who has expensive tastes or demands a lot of attention. But in some references by men, it means a woman who is difficult to get into bed. In the hunt for sex, it is a women who is putting up obstacles. Why would a woman want to be high maintenance? Well, this article sells being high maintenance pretty well:

Now, say you’re the girl who doesn’t need anything (or at least doesn’t act like you do). Mr. Good Man will not pick you as a partner. He may sleep with you, but he won’t date you or marry you.

Your Tango; Why High Maintenance Women Will ALWAYS Get The Best Guys

If generally women were just as interested in casual sex as much as men, wouldn’t all the sex you’re having be enough? It is for most men. There is a saying that I think is overly simplistic, but has some truth to it: Men use love to get sex, and women use sex to get love.

No Hook-ups

If you browsed online dating, you’ll see some themes. The most common theme on male profiles is no drama or not looking for any drama. The most common theme on female profiles is no hook-ups or if you are looking for a hook-up, swipe left. The question I have is why are so many women denying a hook-up? Isn’t that what casual sex is? I would think it would be apparent that if both sexes want the same thing, we should have matching profiles. It is because both sexes don’t want the same thing – or to be precise, the context of sex is different. That is not stating a woman does not want sex or will not have sex on a first date, but there still is a psychological difference – that becomes even more apparent after.

Context is Everything

The most common argument to what I have written is that women are slut-shamed for being promiscuous. If we got rid of all the social stigma related to labeling women sluts or whores, they would be engaging in casual sex without any apprehension. That is mostly false. Women are generally not like men. They are not watching the same type of pornography men are. They are not google searching for big dicks as nearly as much as men are. They do not get aroused as quick as men or in the same way. Typically, men are not describing casual sex as empty and meaningless. That is because women do not view sex in the same way men do. Do they want sex? Of course! The difference is they typically want it to be with the right guy, not just any guy. That doesn’t seem so casual to me. . . Now men on the other hand . . .

Erectile Dysfunction: An Older Man Problem?

In common American culture, erectile Dysfunction (or ED) is thought of as only plaguing older men. It is more common in older men than younger, but in older men, the problem is usually related to physical causes. What about the percentage that affects younger men? Why would a seemingly young vigorous man have issues getting “hard” when it’s time to do the deed?

Psychological Warfare

As I am writing this, we are in pandemic – especially where I am at. With this pandemic not only comes illness related to symptoms of catching COVID-19, but also a population increase in anxiety. The anxiety caused by the pandemic can be from fear of contracting the illness, loss of a job, finances, not being able to see friends and family, and more. With the anxiety can also come an inability to perform sexually. Sexual arousal is usually associated with excitement, but your mind and body actually have to do the opposite – relax. It is when you are calm and nothing else is grabbing your attention that you can become erect. Your primary focus is engaging in your desire to have sex with someone. Your body can then react, without any apprehension, to the sensual touching, audio, and visual stimuli of sexual activities.

Causes of Sexual Anxiety
  • Worried about pleasing your partner: This is the most common reason for erectile dysfunction in younger men. This may not just be related to sexually pleasing your partner, but also if they are attracted to you – and you’re worried that you may ruin it.
  • You have had erectile dysfunction before: It’s a very common thought to think that if it happened once, it can happen again. Anxiety that goes unchecked will surely bring that thought to mind. This can keep the anxiety alive and the issue in your life.
  • Stress of everyday life: You might have a lot going on in your life. School, job, family; all can be sources of stress, and stress can lead to anxiety. This can certainly affect your ability to perform sexually.
How to Treat It

There are several ways to treat it. It’s important that you realize that there is treatment – no matter how severe. I would recommenced discussing the issue with someone – preferably an expert in sexual dysfunction. They can discuss the best options based on your situation and severity of symptoms. The issue is usually deeper than just worrying about the specific sexual act, but caused by an underlying anxiety disorder.

The Aftermath

There is the shame and embarrassment of not being able to perform sexually, but there can also be the worry and and doubt your partner feels. They may be thinking that they cannot sexually arouse you or that you do not find them attractive. It is important that you discuss this with them, and let them know that it is not related to them, but instead a “you” problem. What is equally important is that you understand that there is a chance they may not want to continue seeing you. But do not fret if that happens. There are plenty of people out there and you have plenty of time to work on whatever issue you have.

The most important thing is to seek treatment, if needed.