Jealousy is Wrong?

What is wrong with jealousy? In American culture, it has a negative connotation, but why? Success In our culture, people are motivated for success. One of the biggest markers of success is capital. The United States’ economic system is CAPITALism. Capitalism is a system designed for private owners to generate a profit. To generate aContinue reading “Jealousy is Wrong?”

Larger Penis = Better Sex?

First things first: sexual pleasure is subjective. In the field of sexology, the researchers in that field typically have a degree in psychology, not medicine or physiology. The reason for that is the most research needed in that field is in regard to the psychology of sex, not the physiology of sex. Arousal, pleasure, andContinue reading “Larger Penis = Better Sex?”

Casual Sex: Most Women Want It Too?

In our modern culture, it seems progress towards gender equality is being on the right side of history. Well guess what, I agree with them. I think women should be paid as much, and the lines between gender roles has been blurring more and more – as more activities and jobs have become mixed-sex. However,Continue reading “Casual Sex: Most Women Want It Too?”

Erectile Dysfunction: An Older Man Problem?

In common American culture, erectile Dysfunction (or ED) is thought of as only plaguing older men. It is more common in older men than younger, but in older men, the problem is usually related to physical causes. What about the percentage that affects younger men? Why would a seemingly young vigorous man have issues gettingContinue reading “Erectile Dysfunction: An Older Man Problem?”